AUGUST 23-24

AUGUST 23-24
Almaty, Kazakhstan, country club «Pervomayskie Prudy»
Dear participants, we are coming to you, even if not with the most pleasant, but very important news.

As you may have noticed, a specially biased information campaign has been taking place on the territory of Kazakhstan in recent weeks against the entire affiliate community in general and our event in particular.

All this time we promptly responded to all emerging issues, communicating with authorities at different levels. Of course, we have received all the permits, and the programs have been agreed upon. However, the conditions suddenly put forward to us in recent days turned out to be completely unacceptable for us.

The safety of all participants and the reputation of the project are priority issues for us when making decisions. We are aware of the responsibility we take upon ourselves by holding such a large-scale event. After thinking about all the potential risks that have arisen and may arise in the future for our participants, having repeatedly discussed all options for the development of events with lawyers and partners, we made the only logical decision to cancel the festival in Kazakhstan in August.

We are very upset, because we were so looking forward to meeting you and preparing a lot of surprises, shows and fantastic scenery for you! We have never worked on such a bright project as this one!

Now all the forces of the CPA LiFE FEST team are focused on solving the issues of getting out of this situation, we are working on several alternative options, including the relocation of the project.

We understand that the most pressing issue for you is the return of tickets:

For those who bought tickets on the official website: in the near future, you will receive information about the cancellation of the event by e-mail, and the money for the tickets will be returned to the bank cards and accounts from which the payment was made.
For those who bought tickets through us: we will contact you in the next few days.

The comfort of the participants is a priority for us, therefore, of course, we are ready to provide support, including in matters of refund of air tickets and cancellation of paid hotel reservations. We will definitely contact the locations with which we have collaborated and provide the necessary official documents confirming the cancellation of the event. The same applies to airlines. These documents will help you to confirm the force majeure circumstances and return the funds. Please contact us at any time, we are always ready to answer any questions and provide the necessary information.

Please do not worry, we will be in touch and will make additional notifications in the very next few days.

We are actively working on the relocation of the project, we will definitely post all the information on the website and in our social networks.

For questions about camping and bungalow armor: @Karina_CPALiFE
For any other questions: @romankhodko
Attention, important news!
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